Serenbe Office Project


May 2, 2024

Welcoming back a repeat client is like having a dear friend come back for another visit, bringing with them a wave of joy and gratitude that fills the room. It’s a heartwarming moment that speaks volumes about the connection we’ve built and the satisfaction they’ve found in our work.

That is the story of the Serenbe Office Project. HHDC provided a master bedroom refresh for this client as one of our very first company projects. When the client inquired about working with us again, and this time to update an office space, it was a hands down YES!

To give you a little back history, this client is a writer. She has a lot of books. Her office is one of the spaces in their home they “structurally” finished out (studs, electrical, sheetrock and flooring) during their build. Six years later, this space got an incredible update.

We started with a good sized room, a window for natural light, plush flooring, and a client open to giving everything a place. The office was cluttered with furniture, bookshelves and miscellaneous items lining all four walls.

From the walls to the furniture, the room was dark. Our goal: lighten it up, give everything a place, condense clutter and create a space for peace and creativity.

Our client loved this bright flower wallpaper and while it would have been too much on all four walls, we opted for one wall. We paired Emmie’s Room from the Magnolia Paint line for a perfect match on the other three walls.

We brought in our custom cabinet maker to view our sketches, measure and talk about how both bookcases would function in this space. There are many details in this custom cabinetry that our client got to personalize to her specific needs.

We love the printer on a pull out drawer, large cabinets to store her ring light and tripod for videos, multiple deep pull out drawers, and rows upon rows of shelving for all those books.

We grounded the space with our favorite semi-custom drapes. Added in two comfy chairs, pillows to match the paper, a reading light, a larger desk, and a pop of pink in her desk chair.

She loves how this space turned out. We love that she is now writing in a light and bright, decluttered space that will hopefully give inspiration to her future writings.

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