The Best Way to Elevate a Faux Plant or Tree

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January 25, 2023

Do you have a faux plant or tree that you loved a few years ago but now think it is too short?

Here is a simple solution that will help you elevate faux plants and trees to a more desirable height.

In fact, honest truth, I use this technique with almost every plant and tree that I personally install into client spaces. And for my virtual clients, I send them step by step directions on how to achieve this look.

Let’s start with a vessel. Choose anyone that you like. Just make sure that it is tall enough and wide enough for your plants original pot.

Next let’s layer old books inside the vessel. You can use other objects such as boxes, plastic food storage boxes, or even brick. Main thing is to build a sturdy base your plant can sit on.

Place your plant or tree on top of the books until you get the desired height. I recommend getting the plant’s original pot and your new vessel rim as close level as you can.

Next take a towel, brown packing paper, blanket, etc. and wrap it around the plant. The goal is to stabilize the sides of the plant and help it fit snug in the container so that it does not lean once you walk away.

Then top with moss. Most craft stores will carry lots of options for moss. I love this one from Hobby Lobby because it is real and blends well with the green leaves of this fiddle fig.

I hope you enjoyed this project and will try it out in your own space.

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