5 Design Tips for Designing a Coastal Boho Girls Room


February 9, 2023

I love this room for a lot of different reasons. Come take a journey with me through this Coastal Boho room we designed and installed last Summer.

We designed and installed 2 girl rooms for this client. In today’s post we will cover this light, airy, coastal room with a touch of boho.

The client already had the major pieces of furniture for this room: bed, nightstand, desk and dresser. Our job was to come in update it to a pretty, functional, storytelling space for her daughter.

Here is a before photo of the room:

My client really wanted this room to go from cluttered to organized.

We moved the Barbie house to a playroom, moved all cubbies to the closet for increased and hidden storage, and we removed the oversized furniture pieces that were distracting from her beautiful bed.

This little girl loves stuffed animals and has quite the collection.

Her mom had a beautiful wooden chest that was given to her for her high school graduation.

The piece was too dark for this room but they were open to stripping it to a natural state or painting it.

We were not able to strip it because of the exterior being veneer, but what did work was chalk painting it.

We used Rainy Days by Magnolia and sealed it with matte polycrylic.

Here is how it turned out:

We printed and framed these coastal prints for over her bed. I like using odd numbers for lots of elements in decor. We got the balanced just right here.

This room has beautiful carpet so we opted to lay a rug under the bed to break up the neutral and ground the bed.

While I LOVED our original rug, the bed has a trundle and the rug wanted to wrinkle.

We opted for a smaller rug to sit just in front of the painted wooden chest.

The rest of the design was just adding in coastal pieces.

And a few pops of rattan to bring in that boho vibe.

I love seeing visions come to life.

I love walking clients into their new updated spaces and seeing their faces light up with joy.

So happy for this sweet room that is a perfect balance of her personality and transition from little girl to pre-teen.

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As always, I am so thankful for you.

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