Small Updates with a Big Impact for a Pre-Teen Girl’s Room


February 23, 2023

Investment pieces really set the foundation for a room. No matter what decor pieces change over time, these investments are staying the same.

This client had already purchased what I like to call foundational pieces or also known as investment pieces.

For this client the bed, dresser and nightstands were purchased a few years ago and serve as the foundational pieces for this room.

I love that they chose white furniture for this pre-teen room.

Not every room is meant for white furniture, but this one definitely was.

The pre-teen who calls this space hers is very joyfilled, happy and such a bright light.

Seems only fitting that her foundational pieces would match.

My job in this space was to create organization and bring the pretty. Sounds like a pretty awesome job to me!

The first thing I do for every space, is have my clients fill out a design questionnaire.

I designed this questionnaire around 20-25 questions that help me learn more about my clients and how they utilize their space.

I learn things like favorite colors, favorite textures, favorite hobbies and pastimes.

I also learn things like not so favorite colors, textures, etc.

My goal is for the client to love every inch of what we design.

I want them to walk into their room and feel the perfect placement for each piece we have selected and to feel that it belongs in their space.

No one wants a space filled with thoughtless items.

This pre-teen loves butterflies and gardening and all things pretty.

Her mom painted a bookcase for her years ago. The color holds a lot of memory and nostalgia for the mom. We didn’t change the color of the bookcase but we loaded it full of faux plants tucked into lime-washed terracotta pots.

I found sweet butterfly prints from an ETSY shop and had them printed, framed and matted.

Odd number sets always make my heart happy.

We added three of these prints above her bed.

Gold was a metal they really wanted to highlight in this room.

We brought it in with a round mirror over the dresser, scalloped mirrors over each nightstand, and in the detailed lamps on her bedside table.

If you have followed along with my design style, for anytime at all, you know that I love a tree in every room or at least a vessel filled with stems.

We achieved both of those design elements in this room.

I didn’t get the rug in this room right on the first try. I truly LOVED this original rug but it just didn’t work with the carpet.

In the end I opted for a hand made wool rug in an 8×10 that I picked up on a whim at Home Goods. It worked better with the carpet and laid completely flat with no curl.

What a special project and design.

I was honored to be invited into this space to design and create.

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