Carr Master Bedroom Refresh


January 17, 2023

This project is so sweet to me because it came as a result of me sharing my heart with a girl in my small group.

My husband was traveling, I was not sleeping and exhaustion was getting the best of me.

The girl asked, “What are you doing when you are up so late at night?”

I told her I was trying to build a website for my design business with no previous background.

I feel like that is how a lot of businesses start, right?

A few weeks later my now friend, called and asked me if she could hire me for a full refresh and install in her master bedroom.

I was so excited.

She already had beautiful furniture, I was just being invited in to make it pretty and put the finishing touches on it.

Does anyone else ever feel like your master bedroom is unfinished because it lacks a good rug, window treatments, comfy bedding, etc.?

For this project, my friend was open to every suggestion.

Her only request was that she would get to keep her newly purchased gray duvet cover and mustard pillows.

These two colors and the items she really loved.

So I went to work and at the end of the day submitted this design board to her.

I love using this white quilted bedding for a bed’s foundation.

This particular one is one of my very favorites.

The quality is so nice which means you buy once and get a really great product.

I am not a huge fan of duvet covers because they are rarely full, come untied and usually slide to one side or the other.

But I am a huge fan of layering them at the end of a white quilted bed.

Their color, texture and pattern adds a nice touch to a room.

We opted for bright white french pleat curtains on each of of her large windows.

This company makes my absolute favorite drapes for quick ship.

You can even request samples to be sent directly to your door.

We saved some money by just purchasing panels for aesthetics and not to be pulled shut at night.

We added in a dark rug to anchor the room and break up all the light.

This wool rug comes in gray and a light blue and it is a showstopper in any room you choose to place it.

The beaded round mirror centered over the bed pulled out the nail head trim on her upholstered headboard.

I love how this softened the space and draws your eye upward.

She kept her dark nightstands, again balancing the light and dark in this design.

I topped them with a white tray, a hint of yellow candle and simple white vase with a few steps to bring in her pop of color.

When I look back over the progression of my design business, I am truly grateful for people who took a chance on me.

I had no portfolio, no reviews, and was navigating this whole new world.

My friend was so happy with the end results.

You can read her review on the front page of my “now finished website!”

Want to know more about items from this project and where you can purchase them? Shop right here.

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