The Best Wreath Hooks for Glass Doors


January 3, 2023

Every time I share a photo of our front doors with wreaths hanging on them, the number one question asked is “How did you hang those?”

Two things:

One, I clean the glass with rubbing alcohol and let it dry completely. Absolutely no windex or other glass cleaner should be used in the area where you are going to place the hook.

Two, I apply these hooks per the manufacturer’s direction.

Can you believe that these hooks have been on our front doors for almost 5 years?!

I have not touched them in 5 years other than to change out the wreaths.

I have also used this version for wreaths on all of my front exterior windows during the Christmas season.

Using that same rubbing alcohol method, they all stay put through Georgia winters of rain, cold, wind and an occasional dusting of snow.

Looking for a wreath to take you through the Winter months?

The one pictured here in this post is no longer in stock, but I rounded up a few other favorites that I think would be perfect for Winter.

Let me know if you try the tip and the hooks. I hope they work as well for you as they have for me.

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