Five Reasons To Choose Brick For Your Home Exterior

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April 19, 2023

Lots of time, studying design styles, and attention to detail go into making final decisions about the materials that are right for home exteriors.

It is probably the detail that keeps us most on our toes.

At Highland Home Design Company we get a lot of requests for assistance on home exteriors.

We work with a lot of clients who are building new homes and need direction on the best materials for their home’s exterior.

One of the materials we love best is brick!

Honestly it is at the top of our list.

via Birmingham Home and Garden

Here are five reasons we think brick is a great selection for any home.

TIMELESS brick never goes out of style. If you don’t love your brick color, many people are choosing to paint it, limewash it, German schmear it, etc. The ideas never run out. Check out some of our favorite exteriors over on our Pinterest Page

Brick Painted Gray via Hogan Kelly Design

UNIVERSAL: it fits into the design of many home styles including: coastal, cottage, farmhouse, mid-century, modern, french country, and traditional.

Coastal home in Watercolor, Florida photo taken by

SHOW STOPPER or SHOW ENHANCER: it can serve as the showstopper for your home or it can blend into the background and provide enhancing support to stone, rock, plaster, wood or even landscaping.

Business in Fairhope, Alabama photo taken by

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: Cut down on your cost of exterior painting and staining by choosing brick that doesn’t fade. It may need a good power wash every now and then, depending on color and where you property is located, but generally requires you as the homeowner to do nothing.

Design by Diane Keaton

ELEMENT PROTECTION: brick provides unbeatable storm protection for areas that are prone to heavy winds, hurricanes and tornadoes. We also love that it’s fire rating is 1.5 hours longer than that of stucco or vinyl siding.

Design by Highland Home Design Company, LLC.

We find more and more homeowners choosing brick for the large majority of there home exterior.

We have polled several of them and some of their top reasons were longevity, low maintenance, and multiple color options.

Have more questions about brick?

We invite you to visit and learn all there is to know from our friends over at The Brick Industry Association.

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