Our Family Favorite Overnight Camp for Kids & a $250 Discount Code


March 13, 2023

Did you love Summer camp as a Kid?

I sure did and I have the fondest memories of those weeks at camp.

Last year we sent 2 of our kids to a week long camp at Pine Cove. I have always heard the BEST things about Pine Cove from my friends who live in Texas and the Midwest. Some of them attend family camp, some of them attend youth camp, and some of them love day camp in the city.

A few years ago Pine Cove brought their Family Camp to the Southeast near Clemson University. Last year they opened a youth camp in Georgia called The Springs for kids grades 3-9.

Our oldest 2 went to the very first week at The Springs and LOVED it. We got to follow them all week through the secure Pine Cove app. Daily photos of my kids enjoying camp and the opportunity to write one letter and receive 2 letters from my kids we an added bonus.

There are so many camp options and locations on the Pine Cove website they have locations in Texas as well. I encourage you to check it out. Our family can’t recommend this camp experience enough. In fact, our kids are going back again this year.

I know camp can be expensive and sending more than one child to camp can really add up. If your child is a first time overnight camper at Pine Cove you can use my discount code PCMOM3265 for $250 off. I don’t get any kind of kickback, discount or payment from Pine Cove for you using my code. They were just kind enough to give this to me to share with you.

If you have questions, email me. I would love to help you navigate any camp questions you might have or connect you to someone who can.

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