Choosing White Brick for a Home Exterior


February 2, 2021

I get a lot of questions about the white brick we chose for our home exterior.

Here I will answer all of the most common questions I receive.

We chose a white brick called Woodhaven Tudor by General Shale Brick.

They no longer make this exact brick but an almost identical offering they now have is called Winterhaven.

I have compared Winterhaven to the Woodhaven Tudor on my home and they identical in color.

The only difference is Woodhaven has a rolling edge to it while Winterhaven does not.

Both of these bricks I have paint color matched perfectly to Moderate White (SW6140).

This brick is a red brick with a baked on white finish and was the only option our builder gave for a white brick exterior.

Many people opt to lay red brick and have it painted white to their liking.

This was not an option from our builder, not an option for our budget and we wanted brick with minimal upkeep.

All that said, if you do choose Winterhaven, I do not want you to be alarmed that laid in certain ways, this brick will showcase some red.

There are people who have reached out to me and said that they have read reviews that Winterhaven by General Shale has a pink tint to it.

I will agree, it can because of the red base and an incorrect match of trim color. .

I am going on four years now of helping people color match Moderate White by Sherwin Williams to their Winterhaven brick and every time it cleans up the issue for them.

Here is an example of one of my Instagram followers who put Winterhaven on her home and painted the trim Alabaster.

She reached out and said, “Help! Something is not right. Why does the brick look pink?”

I suggested she have the trim repainted Moderate White and look at the difference!

If you would like to see our brick up close and personal and walk through a detailed video, check out my story highlight bubble on Instagram labeled “White Brick.”

As always, if you have questions, reach out to me. I am always happy to help.

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