How To Balance Dark Paint In Design


August 9, 2023

There are lots of ways to bring light into a room. For today, let’s talk about paint.

We love the look of dark moody walls that are flooding our feed and the design world. We even have a few of these walls in our own home.

The balance for us is always bringing in light to compliment the dark.

In this office space, we kept the ceiling, bookcases and trim light.

We paired the medium brown floors with dark blue walls.

And the large window helps to bring in a lot of natural light.

In this dining room, we kept the trim light and painted the walls above the judges paneling Tricorn Black in flat finish.

You will notice this dining room has dark wood floors. We balanced it all out with a light rug under the dining table.

Here you will see a balanced layer of dark floors and a light rug. Light trim and dark upper walls.

These pairings are perfect for the homeowner who likes the idea of darker spaces but lacks a lot of natural light in their home.

Or the homeowner who likes the idea of darker spaces but is not willing to commit to painting their trim and walls dark. Have you seen this look? It is all the rage right now in design.

Have you ventured out and painted a room dark in your home? How did it go?

Do you like it? Would you do it again? Let me know in the comments below.

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